“Squid Game”‘s Lee Yoo Mi Once Portrayed The Role Of An Elementary Student—When She Was 17-Years-Old

What in the youthful fountain is this?!

Actress Lee Yoo Mi has been skyrocketing into stardom following her appearance in not one, but two mega hit Netflix productions. The talented actress was previously in the 2021 global hit Squid Game and recently, she appeared in the high school zombie thriller, All Of Us Are Dead. As she relishes in her newfound popularity, however, comes a past that is taking everyone by surprise.

Actress Lee Yoo Mi.

Back in 2010, Lee Yoo Mi was featured in one of her first ever productions following her debut called Future Boy. In the EBS series, she played the role of Seo Yun Doo and her portrayal has been revisited by netizens online because of her age. While her character Seo Yun Doo was an elementary school student, Lee Yoo Mi was 17-years-old at the time. Yup, you read that correctly!

The youthful looking actress looked so young at the time, she was cast as an elementary student! Just look at her!

17-year-old Lee Yoo Mi playing an elementary student in “Future Boy” | EBS

This fact brought even more shock upon Korean netizens due to the fact that she would have been 18-years-old in Korean age. They couldn’t believe her youthful visuals!


But upon further investigation, it’s not all that surprising given her naturally youthful looks. If we didn’t know she was a 17-year-old in these captures, we would have assumed Lee Yoo Mi was in elementary school!


Korean netizens left their shock in the comments, such as “she’s so youthful looking”“even looking at the pictures now, she looks like an elementary student” and more.


However, Lee Yoo Mi’s youthful visuals didn’t end in her teens as the stunning actress recently portrayed a high school student for her role in All Of Us Are Dead. Given that she is currently 27-years-old, this was also a bit of a shocking revelation.

27-year-old Lee Yoo Mi playing a high schooler in “All Of Us Are Dead” | Netflix

In related news, Lee Yoo Mi’s highly anticipated zombie thriller series All Of Us Are Dead has finally premiered on Netflix and has been breaking records left and right. Be sure to check out the trailer for the apocalyptic series down below!

Source: WikiTree