“Starry Night” Host Kim Eana Exposes The Impact BTS’s V And Park Hyo Shin Had On The Show’s Writers

The team is clearly not over the iconic guest DJs, and it’s relatable AF.

BTS‘s V and soloist Park Hyo Shin were recently special guest DJs on MBC‘s Starry Night radio show, and although they already finished their recording, it seems the Starry Night team still has V and Park Hyo Shin on their minds.

BTS’s V (left) and Park Hyo Shin (right) | @starnight959/Instagram

V and Park Hyo Shin are known to be close friends and the Starry Night team showed love to the iconic duo and their respective fandoms by putting up a photo Park Hyo Shin had previously shared on his Instagram. The photo showed the friends together with the words “Namu,” meaning tree, representing Park Hyo Shin’s fandom SOULTREEs, and ARMY, representing BTS’s fandom.

| @starnight959/Instagram

Park Hyo Shin and V kept Starry Night listeners entertained with stories of their close friendship, providing a glimpse into their daily lives.

They also stole the hearts of fans and reporters with their polite manners, caring actions towards fans, and, of course, their top-tier talent and visuals.

| @KTH_News/Twitter

The regular host of Starry Night, famous K-Pop lyricist Kim Eana, recently returned from her vacation and is back to work. When she returned, she found that V and Park Hyo Shin left a lasting impact on the Starry Night team.

Kim Eana | @eanakim/Instagram

She posted a photo on her Instagram of two Starry Night writers’ phones, hilariously proving the special guest DJs were still on their minds.

The cellphone wallpapers featured endearing photos of V and Park Hyo Shin while they were recording for the radio show.

Kim Eana’s post | @eanakim/Instagram

Kim Eana posted a photo of the phones, hilariously captioning the image,

I came back from vacation and the writers’ handphones’ situations were…

— Kim Eana

The photo showed that Park Hyo Shin and V stole not only the hearts of fans but also the hearts of the Starry Night team!

Check out the article below for more on V and Park Hyo Shin’s heartwarming interactions with ARMYs while recording Starry Night.

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