Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And ATEEZ’s Hongjoong Bond Over The Hardships Of Being Group Leaders


In the next episode of Mnet‘s Kingdom, the six teams participating have been put into two groups and will perform tracks as vocal, rap, and dance units.

Ahead of the performances, the various members met up and took a chemistry test. Two of those were Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan and ATEEZ‘s leader Hongjoong, who will participate in the rap unit.

When the first two sat down, they started their meeting with a series of compliments; it is hard to disagree with them.


After the initial awkwardness had worn off, it was time to get down to leader business!

Hongjoong asked Bang Chan if there were any of his members that don’t listen to him! Without even a second thought, Bang Chan replied, “Changbin.”

It seemed as if Hongjoong wanted some advice on what to do if a member doesn’t listen because he seemed to have the same issue with ATEEZ’s Wooyoung.

Bang Chan couldn’t hide his reaction hearing the two names they both said after Wooyoung and Changbin (known as Lovey and Dovey) have been showcasing their friendship during Kingdom.

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Unfortunately, Bang Chan didn’t give the answer Hongjoong was probably looking for.

When Changbin doesn’t listen to me, I just leave him alone.

— Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Hongjoong then explained that he hadn’t found a way to leave Wooyoung alone and continues to nag him!

Hopefully, with time together practicing for the performance, Hongjoong can pick up some more tips!

You can watch the whole video below.

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