Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Blames The Suggestive Lyrics In “Drive” On Lee Know

Fans don’t fully believe him.

Stray KidsBang Chan never misses an opportunity to tease fans, and this time he’s dragging Lee Know along for the ride.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan (left) and Lee Know (right) | @official_CLIO/Twitter

“Drive” is a song Bang Chan and Lee Know released last year. It immediately became a hot topic among fans for its suggestive lyrics.

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The duo has said that their goal was to release a song with a more mature concept, since they’re both the oldest members of Stray Kids.

Though the credits list both Bang Chan and Lee Know as lyricists, Bang Chan has said in the past that Lee Know wrote it by himself. Now he’s doubling down.

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During a recent episode of Chan’s Room, Bang Chan listened to “Drive,” a song that he has claimed is only about driving. Fans don’t buy it.

Instead they believe he’s bending the truth. One fan even compared this statement to I.N‘s claim that he doesn’t have abs, which is… not exactly true.

Still, fans enjoy the song and Bang Chan has expressed that it makes him happy.

I’m glad you guys like the song. I think it’s a really chill song to listen to. It’s got that bouncy rhythm and everything.

But, he couldn’t miss his opportunity to blame Lee Know for the double meaning of some of the lyrics. He claimed that Lee Know was the song’s only writer.

Yeah there’s a lot of wordplay in the lyrics as well. Some people know what it is, some people don’t, but yeah. I didn’t write the lyrics. It’s not me.

Fans can’t help but laugh at Bang Chan for insisting that he had nothing to do with the lyrics.

Fans have pointed out that Lee Know often forgets the lyrics to the song, further proving that Bang Chan probably isn’t exactly telling the truth.

They also can’t believe he admitted to the double meaning behind the song, when previously he claimed it was just about driving.

The song hit a new peak on Genius Korea‘s K-Pop chart and reminded fans to check out the lyrics to the song.

If Bang Chan continues to insist that he didn’t write the lyrics, fans will play along.

Check out the song, and decide for yourself.

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