Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is Such A Perfectionist, He Couldn’t Let Go Of A Tiny Mistake

Fans wish he’d go easy on himself.

Stray KidsBang Chan is a perfectionist. He’s admitted it, and fans know it’s true. But, sometimes they wish he’d go easier on himself.

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During a game of “Besties on Besties” with Seventeen, Stray Kids was asked who in the group is the most “perfectionistic.” The group immediately chose Bang Chan who quipped, “Who is the most Bang Chan? I think that’s the question.” 

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Of course it makes sense then, that when he makes a mistake, it’s much more apparent to himself than it is to everyone else.

To fans, Bang Chan’s recent “Chan’s Room” broadcast was a success. He listened to music like a normally does and even had a surprise visit from the group’s youngest, I.N, which fans thought was endearing.

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But the beginning of the video didn’t go as planned. At the start of each of his live streams, Bang Chan plays an intro song. Currently, it’s “VENOM” from Stray Kids’ recent ODDINARY album.

However, due to internet connection issues it wouldn’t play at first. Then, when it finally did play, the song cutoff because of login problems.

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Bang Chan was noticeably and reasonably frustrated by the turn of events.

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But he held it in… mostly.

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Still, he was clearly upset that the beginning hadn’t gone smoothly, especially since the stream wasn’t when he normally does his broadcast. Bang Chan had taken a well-deserved break after Stray Kids’ recent concerts, but since he made a promise to STAYs, made sure to make it up.

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Though still unhappy, Bang Chan moved forward with the live and welcomed viewers to “Chan’s Room.”

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Fans will know that even a seemingly small mistake can be annoying for a perfectionist like Bang Chan. But to STAYs, it’s no big deal! Bang Chan probably won’t change anytime soon, and fans don’t want him to, but hopefully he’ll give himself room for error. Especially when it’s not even his fault!

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