Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Remembers When He And Han Cried On His Birthday

It was all because of Han.

On an episode of Stray KidsTwo Kids Room, Han and Bang Chan shared a memory from their past that was emotional for the both of them.

It was the time Bang Chan knew Han would always be by his side. It was after midnight on his birthday when Han brought him food and told him to eat it.

Then, Han had begun to cry as he said, “Hyung, it’s your birthday. Why are you here alone?” Remembering it made both of them burst into laughter, and that wasn’t the whole story.

He’d asked Han why he was crying, and that made him cry too. And, Bang Chan couldn’t keep a straight face as he imitated his past self.

The fact that they can look back at the memory with laughter just shows how close they are. Watch them have fun recalling it at 4:43.

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