Stray Kids Can’t Keep Secrets, Bang Chan Even Spoiled “MANIAC” Last Year

How did we miss it?

Leading up to the release of ODDINARY, Stray Kids fans theorized about the comeback, but they completely missed a crucial spoiler. Bang Chan revealed “MANIAC” months ago.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids never give fans a break. Whether it’s clowning them or flirting with them, the group is constantly proving how well they know how to tease STAYs.

(left to right) Stray Kids’ Lee Know, Han, I.N, Seungmin, Felix, Bang Chan, Changbin, and Hyunjin | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Bang Chan even teased fans without them knowing. Last December, a behind the scenes video was released of Stray Kids at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. 

At one point, Bang Chan is seen in a short clip singing, “You cannot stop with this feeling.” 


While fans might not have given it much thought at the time, it’s not unusual behavior for random singing from the group, they certainly gave it a second listen after they were recently reminded of it. Fans noticed that toward the end of “MANIAC,” Bang Chan sings the exact same line.


Fans couldn’t believe that they didn’t catch this spoiler before. Side by side, it’s even more recognizable.

Fans are used to subtle spoilers from the group, but this kind of spoiler is bold even for Bang Chan. It makes you wonder what else the group have teased and what else they’ll reveal in the future.

Source: YouTube

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