Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Was A Social Butterfly During ISAC — Here’s Everyone He Hung Out With

Everyone loves Bang Chan!

Fans of K-Pop groups love to see their faves interact with other idols and that is exactly what happens during the annual Idol Star Athletic Championships. Idol friendships are put on display for fans and the world to see(and hopefully get some cute videos or pictures of).

This year there was one idol, in particular, that seemed to be a huge social butterfly and that was none other than Stray KidsBang Chan!

Fans of JYP Entertainment‘s “JYP Nation” were thrilled to see the cute interactions between members of Stray Kids, NMIXX, ITZY, and Xdinary Heroes. Bang Chan in particular seemed to have a good time interacting with his labelmates.

JYP Nation (Stray Kids, ITZY, NMIXX, Xdinary Heroes) | @loveanter/Twitter

Bang Chan and ITZY’s Ryujin had some hilarious moments including Ryujin knocking into Bang Chan causing him to fall over and Bang Chan getting revenge by untying her shoelaces. Fans love the sibling rivalry going on between the two!

His interactions with the other members of ITZY were a little less chaotic while Bang Chan went viral for the “elderly” way he approached NMIXX’s Lily to pat her on her head.  Stray Kids as a whole, including Bang Chan, passed the time by playing games with Xdinary Heroes as well!

In another funny moment, Bang Chan was “kidnapped” by AB6IX‘s Woong and taken over to where the other members of AB6IX were sitting. He’s greeted by Daehwi, Donghyun, and Woojin before Donghyun tries to pull him down and kiss him! Bang Chan and Woong have been friends since pre-debut and fans love seeing the two interact.

| @1997×1003/Twitter 
| @1997×1003/Twitter 
| @1997×1003/Twitter 

Bang Chan also greeted and chatted with N.Flying‘s Jaehyun

…..and shared some laughs with MCND before sending them off with a “fighting” gesture.

| @1997×1003/Twitter

Bang Chan and the other members of Stray Kids also got to greet and chat with fellow Kingdom: Legendary War alumni ATEEZ. Both groups participated in the archery competition and it led to a hilarious moment between the two groups.

Another interaction fans were excited to see was between Bang Chan and Kep1er‘s Mashiro. Mashiro is a former JYP Entertainment trainee and even made an appearance alongside members of ITZY during Stray Kids, the reality program that formed the group.

Mashiro (bottom center) alongside ITZY and other trainees. | Mnet/YouTube
Bang Chan chatting with Kep1er’s Mashiro. | @zzrngtay/Twitter

Bang Chan’s friendliness and social nature are no surprise to STAY who insist that he isn’t just friends with K-Pop idols, but could be friends with any and everyone he approaches!

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