Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Fanboys When Talking About BTOB’s Minhyuk

Bang Chan has seen lots of videos of Minhyuk doing sports!

In a recent live broadcast, Stray KidsBang Chan fanboyed when talking about BTOB‘s Minhyuk.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan
BTOB’s Minhyuk

In the survival show Kingdom, the groups recently did an “athletic championship.” Both BTOB and Stray Kids are participants in Kingdom. Bang Chan shared that he did vault jumping for the first time, and he did a lot better than expected.

A person who helped Bang Chan a lot was Minhyuk!

Minhyuk told Bang Chan many encouraging words when he was doing the vault jumps and gave him lots of advice! Thanks to Minhyuk’s support, Bang Chan was a lot less nervous when doing his vault jumps.

Minhyuk’s quite famous for his athletic abilities, and Bang Chan has seen many videos of Minhyuk doing sports!

Bang Chan was thrilled and honored to interact with Minhyuk.

Bang Chan thanked Minhyuk and told him that he loves him. Not only that, but Bang Chan showed love to the other BTOB members!

Another heartwarming moment between Stray Kids and BTOB!

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Source: Naver Live

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