Stray Kids’ Changbin And Han Wittily Used Bang Chan’s Own Song Against Him

Bang Chan wanted a slate to end the show right then.

Stray Kids‘ producing team 3RACHA gathered and listened to Bang Chan‘s track “Gone Days”.


Funnily enough, the title sounds similar to ggondae, meaning “old, nosy and bossy bastards.” Changbin and Han couldn’t pass up the opportunity to turn it around on Bang Chan.

After listening to the song, Changbin said that he could relate to the song and used the similarity between “Gone Days” and ggondae to make fun of their older leader by calling him a ggondae. Bang Chan couldn’t help but laugh.

I can feel the song. Everybody has their ggondae. We have Chan as ggondae.

Changbin had actually played right into his hands. When Bang Chan was writing the lyrics for the track, he expected others to view him that way.

As I wrote the lyrics, I thought that other people could see me as ggondae.

With the permission already thrown out there, Han and Changbin didn’t stop themselves from taking the chance to agree that was precisely who he was to them. Bang Chan laughed as he turned away from them. Their straight faces showed just how serious they’d been.

He was so done with them that he used his hands to form a makeshift slate to cut to the next scene.

I will slate now. One, two.

Stray Kids not only make music for STAYs to get through whatever they’re experiencing but for themselves as well. Watch Changbin and Han hilariously come at Bang Chan with his own song here.

Stray Kids

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