Stray Kids’ Felix Turns The Airport Into His Personal Runway In Viral Photos

This Felix was one for the history books.

Stray KidsFelix is gaining attention as his latest airport photos prove he is more than ready to walk the runway as a model.

Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

Felix’s love of fashion is well-known at this point, with the idol having expressed his interest in gender-neutral clothing on several occasions.

As the Stray Kids members make their way to Japan for the 2022 MAMA Awards, each of them has shown off their unique sense of fashion.

Bang Chan, funnily enough, gained attention for simply carrying his laptop.

But it was Felix who turned the airport into his personal runway. Dressed in black with a Saint Laurent cardigan, he instantly became the star of the show.

STAYs were left simping not only over his perfect airport fashion but over his long hair as well.

As many STAYs agreed, this Felix was definitely one for the history books!

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