Stray Kids Felix’s Former Classmate “Apologizes” For Accidentally Embarrassing The Idol

What an iconic backstory!

An alleged former classmate of Stray KidsFelix recently went viral after apologizing to the idol for something that happened during their school days that still haunts Felix to this day!

Stray Kids’ Felix | @realstraykids/Instagram

For many K-Pop fans, learning about what their faves were like before their idol career began is something to look forward to. NewJeans fans were recently gifted with a pre-debut photo of  Danielle and some information about what she was like while attending middle school from a user on TikTok.

Pre-debut photo of NewJeans’ Danielle| @jack.0.toole/TikTok

Recently, a TikTok user named Tate Taeveniti shared some interesting information about Stray Kids’ Felix!

In the short video, Tate begins by saying he’s offering a “personal apology to Felix from Stray Kids.” He then reveals that he is the person who took the iconic pre-debut photos of Felix when the idol attended a formal dance.

These photos have been a bit of a point of embarrassment for Felix, who admitted that he wanted his friends to delete all photos of him.

Tate then began bowing before explaining that Felix was in the grade below him and that he did photography for the formal event. He admits that he was required to post them publicly but did not know fans had found them until a friend let him know.

He insisted that all the photos were long gone and that fans couldn’t find any new ones. Tate also says that he “felt bad” because all the fan posts of Felix pre-debut were making fun of him. He ends by saying that if Felix “sees this from your private account, I am so sorry.

Fans immediately reacted to the TikTok, ranging from tagging Felix to thanking Tate for taking the photos.

Felix honestly looked adorable in the photos, and we hope Tate gets a response to his “apology!”

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