Stray Kids’ Felix Lives His Life Inspired By A Surprising Movie Quote

The inspirational quote is surprisingly from the movie “Kung Fu Panda.”

In the most recent episode of Stray Kids‘ current YouTube series “2 Kids Room,” Bang Chan and Felix talked about their incredibly close friendship. Bang Chan even describes their relationship as being “Like actual family.”

This actually feels like family. Like actual family. Like real brothers.

-Bang Chan

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Of course, given the nature of their close friendship, both Bang Chan and Felix are constantly making plans to explore tourist parts of Australia together.

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As well as parts of South Korea that they haven’t yet been to.

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And both Bang Chan and Felix have even picked up some of each other’s habits.

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But aside from simply mirroring each other’s behavior, Felix shares that Bang Chan has actually influenced his approach to life.

In true leader fashion, Bang Chan uses the opportunity of “2 Kids Room” to ask Felix if, since people are constantly changing, there’s anything Felix wishes that Bang Chan would improve on or do more like how he did in the past.

I believe people change all the time. You know how people say that people don’t change? I think people change. That’s why I’ve changed.

You know the old me. Since we were together since our trainee days. I also received a lot of feedback and saw how people reacted and thought, ‘I should fix these things about myself. I need to change in these areas.’ I was like that.

Especially [with] your feedback! And we talk a lot, right? So through those talks, I tried to change a lot.

So I wanted to ask that. How you see me right now. Like, if anything’s changed. Have I changed in any way? If you maybe like the old me or if you like the me right now.

-Bang Chan

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And Felix admits that he doesn’t specifically remember anything about the “old” Bang Chan.

I can’t remember so much about the old. I remember how you were back then, but it’s more of ‘well, that was back then.’


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Which, rather than Felix being forgetful, is because Felix is actively trying to live his life in the present.

I definitely love now. [The] present.


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And he actually cites a quotation that Bang Chan shared with him as the reason for his focus on the present moment.

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Felix: I always think about when you said the whole Master Oogway [quotation].

Bang Chan: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Felix: I can’t remember the wording but all I remember, “Today is the present.” I just remember that part.

Bang Chan: I saw [Kung Fu Panda] so long ago, but, I don’t know, I’ve always remembered that phrase up until now. Even now.

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You can read more about the recent episode here.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan And Felix Are Such Close Friends That They’ve Even Picked Up Each Other’s Habits

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