“You’re Kidding Me” — Felix Shocks Stray Kids With How Successful He Actually Was In Taekwondo Competitions

His members were joking at first but…

Before Stray KidsFelix made his debut as an idol, he was born and raised in Australia. Although the idol now lives far from his family, he was recently able to spend time with them on vacation, tugging on fans’ heartstrings with his endearing vlog.

Stray Kids’ Felix | | @realstraykids/Instagram

While growing up, Felix took taekwondo lessons and actively competed, earning many medals. Although he no longer takes taekwondo lessons, his experience helps him pull off jaw-dropping performances.

A recent interview with Vanity Fair tested just how well the members of Stray Kids know each other by asking various questions about each member. While the member the question was about wrote down the correct answer, the rest of Stray Kids shared their guesses.

Felix | Vanity Fair/Youtube 

The first question about Felix had his members immediately joking that Felix had won “zero” medals in taekwondo.

(Top, left to right) Han, Hyunjin, I.N, Bang Chan, (bottom, left to right) Lee Know, Seungmin, and Changbin | Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And while clearly the answer wasn’t zero, even Felix wasn’t immediately sure of exactly how many medals he’d won.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

Trying their best to get the answer correct, Changbin suggested they’d have to carefully think about the question since the medals might not “be from competitions.” Bang Chan was cleverly watching Felix write his answer, noticing that it was “two digits,” and Han, who was also doing his best to watch, suspected that the number ended in “two.” Which led to most members guessing “12.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

Felix even tried to help his members by giving them a range of “one to seventy,” but they kept insisting on 12.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And then tried to help them again by reminding them that he “did taekwondo for 12 years.”

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

Although they couldn’t resist teasing Felix for his lack of success in League of Legends, which he has also played for 12 years, the members increased their guess to “22.”

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

And were shocked when Felix revealed the correct answer as 63. The members couldn’t hold back their surprise with Seungmin even responding, “You’re kidding me.”

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

Felix explained that once you win one competition, you keep moving on to new competitions where you can earn more medals. He compared the competition schedule to a “tour. For competitions.”

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

So “one competition was at least two medals,” which still means Felix was an incredible competitor to secure 63 medals.

| Vanity Fair/Youtube 

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Source: Vanity Fair

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