Stray Kids’ Han And SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi Would Be Perfect Best Friends, Here’s Why

After overcoming one major obstacle, it’d be smooth sailing.

Besides Stray Kids performing a cover of SEVENTEEN‘s “Adore U” in 2018, which the latter saw and complimented the group on, there haven’t been many interactions between the two groups.

Even so, there are members among them who would become the best of friends if they had the chance.

Other than bonding over how lovably irritating DK and I.N can be, Han and Hoshi would get along so well that no one would be able to tear them apart. Their uniquely introverted but extroverted personalities would bring them together.

In episode four of SEVENTEEN’s documentary SEVENTEEN: Hit The Road, the members shared their honest opinions about how wild Hoshi is. Even though they’re used to seeing that side of him, Hoshi admitted he wasn’t always so upbeat and outgoing.

On the inside, he was on the opposite side of the spectrum. He announced, “I am an introvert, but people don’t know that I am introverted.”

Because he’s so energetic in the company of his members, it’s a part of his personality that’s easily overlooked, “I am not an introvert with members around me, but when I am around people that I don’t know, I am really shy. But, I guess that I am really happy when I am on stage.”

They give him the strength to be himself unapologetically. The same happens when he steps on stage. The energy of fans lets Hoshi become the entertainer that everyone loves.

Although the introverted and extroverted sides of Hoshi have specific conditions for them to show, there’s another idol who functions the exact same way: Han.

In his self-titled episode of One Kid’s Room, the group talked about how wild he can be, like Hoshi. Han confessed it was because he felt comfortable with them, “When I’m with some I know, I’m very extroverted and active.”

When explaining further, it was as if Hoshi had taken the words right out of his mouth. Despite Han’s energetic and hilarious personality, he’s the opposite otherwise, “But, I’m actually very introverted and don’t even go out very often. Yes…I think I’m very shy with people.”

When it comes to his members and fans, they enable him to let loose, “Because I’m with the members, at least my personality becomes a little more cheerful and extroverted… So, I also become confident, talk a lot, get more cheerful, and goof around a lot.”

Even though Hoshi and Han’s introverted sides would prevent them from instantly becoming friends—let alone talking within the first twenty-four hours of meeting for Han—they’d soon realize how much they have in common.

In fact, if both of them are so hilarious and full of excitement on their own, a friendship between Han and Hoshi would be even more powerful and entertaining.