Stray Kids’ Han Shows Why He’s The Member Who’s The Most Forgetful

He just couldn’t remember what to do next.

Stray Kids had an interview with ET Live, and Han had a few moments that confirmed why his group had chosen him as the one who often forgets song lyrics and dance moves.


And, it all happened during a random play dance segment.

When “I Am You” played, Han started off fine until he realized he was dancing to the wrong part of the song. And, the mistake was so obvious he made himself laugh.

Afterward, he still didn’t know what he was doing and stood completely still as he thought of his next dance move. He wasn’t the only one though because I.N‘s face said he was just as unsure as Han.

On top of that, he even had a minor mishap during “Side Effects” where he lost his balance when the music had suddenly stopped.

Although Han may be forgetful and a bit clumsy, it’s exactly what makes him stand out, especially since he knows when to be serious. Watch Han being Han here.

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