Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Opens Up About The Powerful Impact Of His Words

If one word he says can change someone’s entire mindset, that’s a lot of pressure.

For Refinery29, Stray KidsHan opened up about how the support of the members combined with that of fans allows him to overcome his introverted side.

Following his lead, Hyunjin revealed how fans have helped him grow and realize the consequences of his actions, especially how impactful his words can be.

He began by pointing out how often he’s “constantly interacting with and meeting many, many people.” As an idol, those interactions can’t be taken too lightly.

Speaking with STAYs, who look to them for guidance and support, has made Hyunjin “[realize] how much impact the words of a few people can have on a large number of people.”

Whether it’s concerning their music or performances, Hyunjin has become more mindful of the messages they put into their lyrics and the things that he says, careful to only portray what they intend.

The responsibility has enabled him to grow into someone who’s much more mature than he’d been before. Although the pressure that comes along with it could be a heavy weight on his shoulders, he’s always thinking of the bright side.

Hyunjin stated, “I don’t really see it as a burden because the way I see it, you could say just one little thing, but that could really make a person’s day or really change their mind for the better.”

As much as fans have supported him and helped him change, Hyunjin wants to repay that back by giving STAYs what they need to mature and better themselves as well.

The pressure to say the right things doesn’t compare to the positive outcome of helping others.

Source: Refinery29

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