Stray Kids’ Hyunjin And Seungmin Reveal How To Deal With Changbin When He’s Angry

They agreed there’s one method that never fails to calm him down.

Stray Kids‘ 00’ liners Hyunjin, Han, and Seungmin (except Felix) gathered to speak about the older members. They couldn’t resist spilling the tea about how they would act when upset.

Thinking back to when it would happen, Seungmin mentioned how there were specific ways to handle each member. “When the older members got upset, we had our ways of dealing with it.”

One member came to mind for Hyunjin. Since he and Han previously revealed that Changbin was the scariest when angry, he was the one to explain how to calm him down.

Hyunjin shared his proven method of success: leaving him alone. “When Changbin is about to get upset, just stay out of Changbin’s way. When he’s angry, he needs his personal time rather than talking about it to resolve it.”

Seungmin agreed, remembering a time when he stopped Changbin from reaching the point of becoming angry. “One time, we got into an argument, and he got a little upset.”

Instead of giving Changbin time to fume and become angry, Seungmin had the perfect response. Using his hands to mimic what he did, he said, “I just went to him and hugged him.”

Clapping, Han and Hyunjin agreed it was the best course of action, “That’s the best method.”

It wasn’t just any hug, either. Seungmin gave Changbin a cute finger heart, “I just did this in front of him so that he won’t get angry and just hugged him.”

Han liked the approach, taking note and trying it out for himself. Hyunjin admitted he kept it simple, “I just pat Changbin’s head.”

Seungmin then explained why it works so well. Changbin won’t know how to react to the unexpected affection, “Then, he looks dumbfounded. You can see that he’s angry, but thinking, ‘What do I do with this little one?'”

They’d found Changbin’s weakness: physical affection. Laughing, Hyunjin shared the tip with Han, “Right, you need to touch him then. Hug him, pat his head, hold his hand, or do something like that.”

Even though Changbin may look intimidating on the outside when he’s angry, all he needs is a little affection to cheer him up again.

See Seungmin and Hyunjin reveal the secret to keeping Changbin in a good mood here.


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