Stray Kids’ Hyunjin Spotted Sobbing During Fan Meet After His Bullying Rumors

Hyunjin stopped mid-performance due to the tears shed.

At a fan meeting for Stray Kids, member Hyunjin was seen crying during the middle of a performance. Netizens suspect that the tears were caused by a bullying scandal that was recently leaked on an online community.


The incident occurred while Stray Kids was performing the single “Grow Up.” During Hyunjin’s part, he turns around to avoid being seen.


Hyunjin can then be seen shedding tears, with distraught expression visible on his face.


The other members try to console him and make light of the situation, but Hyunjin was never able to fully recover during the performance of the song.


Due to the fact that Hyunjin is the only member to cry during the performance, netizens speculate that his tears were caused because a bullying scandal from his high school days was leaked online.


On an online community, a member uploaded screenshots of a conversation with someone who claims to have been a student at the same school as Hyunjin. The conversation reveals incidents of Hyunjin fighting with girls, smoking, and bullying fellow students.

Person A: It will take too long to talk about myself. I’ll let you know after my class. All of his friends already know about his personality.
Person B: Okay thank you. Let me know when you’re comfortable.
Person A: And he fought a girl 1 on 1.
Person B: Hul, with a girl?


Person A: People heard that in a private chat he told the girl, “Go and sell your body, you b*tch.” He also used to smoke in middle school.
Person B: But he’s the age of a high school student. I don’t think he was a trainee back in middle school.
Person A: Yes, he went to auditions after he graduated middle school. I heard he got scouted on the street.


Person A: At first, I just ignored him, but he asked me again if I was dating that guy. When I told him it was none of his business, he suddenly said, “You crazy b*tch do you want to get beat up?”. He was yelling as if he was going to hit me so other students had to hold him back.
Person B: Hul his personality…
Person A: When I was in my last year of middle school, I broke up with the guy I was dating.


Person A: Hwang Hyunjin came up to me at lunch, and a group of male students cursed at me when I was alone… Out of all the boys, there was one student who cursed my parents and I just sat down and cried. During that time, Hwang Hyunjin sat in front of me and stared at me while laughing…
Person B: Hwang Hyunjin’s friends are wrong…


Person A: Hwang Hyungjin’s friends had nothing to do with me, but they all started to curse at me on Facebook.
Person B: Hul okay…
Person A: They said some really harsh things to me like I’m a slut.


You can watch Hyunjin’s crying incident below:

Source: Pann and Visual Glow