Stray Kids Ignored Han’s Joke And The Secondhand Embarrassment Is Real

Protect this sweet boy at all costs.

Stray Kids chose Felix as the best rock, paper, scissors player, but there was someone who got lost in the chaos of testing that out.

Han wanted to join in to test Felix’s skills, but Felix wasn’t paying attention. So, he pretended to have a battle with him anyway.

When he “won” against Felix, he excitedly yelled, “Yeah.” But, none of the members shared his excitement. They hadn’t paid too much attention to him because they were caught up in their own debate.

Upon realizing this, Han lowered his head and sulked in the corner by himself.

With such a bright personality, Han bounced back quick though. Sometimes you win some, and sometimes you lose some (no pun intended). Watch him play around with his members here.

Stray Kids