Stray Kids’ I.N Ripped His Pants On Stage, But He Handled It Like A Total Pro

Nobody would have known if he hadn’t said anything.

Stray Kids recently wrapped up their concerts in Seoul for the start of their MANIAC tour. During the three days they showcased incredible talent, their unbreakable bond, and, in I.N‘s case, total professionalism.

Stray Kids’ I.N | @freshberry_in/Twitter

I.N is Stray Kids’ lovable youngest member who can show both his cute and mature sides. During the concerts he proved this perfectly with the way he quickly switched his facial expressions.

He also stunned STAYs with his impressive abs that prove while he’ll always be “baby bread,” he’s also grown up.

Overall Stray Kids put on a spectacular show, but while we can hope concerts go off without a hitch, sometimes accidents happen. During Stray Kids’ performance of “Victory Song” they wowed the audience with a full band rock version of the track.

But if you look closely… you might notice that at one point I.N ties his jacket around his waist.

| @muchukii/Twitter

Fans might not have even realized if I.N himself hadn’t explained what happened. It turns out that during the song he had ripped his pants! To combat this, I.N took off his jacket so he could put it around his waist to hide the rip.

He did this so smoothly that he was able to continue performing the song without breaking character!

While this was an unfortunate incident, fans are praising him for his professionalism.

I.N amazingly was able to maintain his energy throughout the performance even with what must have been an uncomfortable wardrobe malfunction. He’s a total pro!

| @realstraykids/Instagram

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