Stray Kids’ Lee Know Is The Group’s Resident “Bum Attacker,” According To Bang Chan

Fans might also know him as the “butt hunter.”

Stray KidsLee Know is more than just a great dancer. He also knows how to tease his members in the best way possible… By touching their butts.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know | @realstraykids/Instagram

Stray Kids were recently a guest on Seventeen‘s YouTube channel, where they played “Besties On Besties” and answered various questions.

One of the questions was, “What’s the funniest thing that happened in rehearsals?” 

While Stray Kids gave a nod to the group’s comedian, Seungmin, who’s always keeping things fun, they also noted that Lee Know always does one specific thing during rehearsals.

According to Han, Lee Know always touches the other members hips! Well, more specifically, their butts. Bang Chan agreed, calling Lee Know “the bum attacker.”

But, it’s not just during rehearsals!

Lee Know has previously gained attention for touching as many of the members’ butts as possible, even onstage! He even grabbed Hyunjin’s bum while performing “MANIAC” during their recent comeback.

Because of his shenanigans, fans have a fitting name for Lee Know. He’s the “butt hunter,” because he grabs them so often.

He’s often very casual about it, sneakily touching butts as he walks by.

The members seem to find it funny… and fans definitely find it entertaining!

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