Stray Kids’ Seungmin Proves He’s The Comedian Of The Group… By Roasting His Members

No one is safe.

No one is safe from Stray KidsSeungmin, especially not the other members. He never misses a chance to roast the group… in the name of comedy, of course.

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Stray Kids recently played a game of “Besties On Besties” with Seventeen where they spoke about their fondest memory as a group and the most difficult music videos they’ve ever filmed.

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When asked to complete the sentence, “Seungmin is our favorite…” Stray Kids had several answers.

Hyunjin said “singer,” as he has mentioned before how much he loves Seungmin’s voice. But Felix had another fitting answer… “Comedian.”

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Seungmin had already proved this with his quick witted answered to other questions.

One of these questions asked Stray Kids to finish the phrase, “Bang Chan is so…”

Seungmin immediately knew how to answer.

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He has often reminded Bang Chan of his status as the group’s eldest member…

…but his roasting didn’t stop there!

The group was asked to complete the phrase, “Changbin is so good at…”

Seungmin quickly added, “nothing.”  While Changbin was not amused, the others were.

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So when the group was asked who the funniest member is… it makes sense that they answered Seungmin.

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His cute response of “Thank you everyone,” had everyone laughing.

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So while Stray Kids agree that Seungmin is definitely the funniest… Bang Chan is definitely not!

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