Here’s What The Stray Kids’ Group Chat Is Really Like, According To The Members

Bang Chan tries to make his members laugh but maybe doesn’t always succeed. 🤣

Stray Kids recently sat down with Seventeen‘s YouTube channel for a “Besties On Besties” interview.


Stray Kids answered questions about everything from their favorite memory together, the toughest music videos they’ve filmed, and their nicknames for each other.

They also were asked about their group chat, where Hyunjin and I.N revealed that they have two very different names for it.


But the members also shared what the Stray Kids’ group chat is actually like, answering the question of which member talks in the group chat the most.


Han doesn’t hesitate before pointing to Bang Chan, and Changbin is also quick to voice his agreement.

I think Chan.



Although Bang Chan seems confused by their answer, Han defends the choice, explaining that Bang Chan is always trying to send funny content to the group chat.

You always give us funny things…



But Seungmin is quick to teasingly interject that, while Bang Chan might be trying to make his members laugh…

They aren’t funny!



But Bang Chan still isn’t convinced that he is the member who texts the most, suggesting that Felix is also another contender for being talkative in the group chat.

I mean, but not just me. I think Felix.

-Bang Chan


And Hyunjin agrees that Felix shares a lot of TikToks in the group chat.

Yes, Felix. TikTok boy.



You can read more about the interview here.

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