Fans Realize Just How Muscular Stray Kids’ Lee Know Is And Are Now Shook

One word: ARMS.

Besides his talent, Stray KidsLee Know has always impressed with his visuals. The 98-liner often sends fans into tizzies with the smallest changes to his style and ranks among the top fourth-generation visuals, according to fans.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know | @realstraykids/Instagram
| JYP Entertainment

Even non-fans are familiar with his visuals, usually seeing him in some sort of cute outfit each week as he MCs MBC‘s MusicCore alongside NMIXX‘s Sullyoon and NCT‘s Jungwoo.

While Lee Know’s visuals are out of this world, usually, when it comes to muscles, fans think of two other members of the group — leader Bang Chan

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

…and Changbin, who is so buff he can no longer to a full-arm heart.

Stray Kids’ Changbin

Recently, however, Lee Know has shocked fans with how buff he has gotten!

On August 10, the 2023 K Global Heart Dream Awards took place, honoring many different K-Pop idols and other performers. Stray Kids attended and took home three awards, including the K Global Best Artist Award (Daesang).

Stray Kids

In addition to flexing their visuals on the red carpet, the group also performed during the show.

During the performance, Lee Know was wearing a sweater vest and shirt with cropped sleeves, leaving his arms exposed. Fans watching clips of the performance couldn’t help but comment on how buff his arms looked.

This became even more apparent once fan-taken images of Lee Know were posted online, showing exactly how muscular the Stray Kids member is!

While fans love him regardless of his appearance, its easy to see than many are feeling some type of way over his physique!

Stray Kids