Stray Kids’ Seungmin Raps A Relatable Request To Park Jin Young About Their Organic Food

Rapper Seungmin was in the building and saying what had to be said.

Although JYP Entertainment is well-known for its artists with diverse styles, there’s another thing that comes to mind when thinking of the company: their cafeteria.

While some entertainment companies focus on food that merely looks and tastes good, JYP Entertainment goes a step further by offering only organic food that’s healthy for the body.

During Stray Kids‘ appearance on MBC‘s Noon Song Of Hope hosted by Kim Shin Young, Seungmin had something to get off his chest about the food selection, courtesy of Park Jin Young.

When Kim Shin Young gave Seungmin the floor to show off some of his freestyle rap, the vocalist didn’t back down from the challenge. With his members hyping him up, he kicked off his verse with a bang.

Out of all the things he could’ve rapped about, the company’s organic food was his top choice. With his adorable smile, he rapped, “PD-nim, yo. Instead of organic food, order us lots and lots of chicken and pizza, yo.”

Since Seungmin created the rap on the spot, everyone was impressed by his delivery and laughing at his message.

Even though eating healthy is important and Park Jin Young’s heart was in the right place, sometimes Stray Kids just want to treat themselves to some tasty pizza and chicken.

After all, everyone can have a cheat day to eat whatever they want. Check out Seungmin flexing his rap skills while also calling out their want for some delicious but unhealthy options.

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