Stray Kids’ Seungmin Worked On His Guitar Skills For Nine Months And Here Is The Result

He serenaded STAYs in K-Drama boyfriend style!

During the first episode of Stray Kids‘ new YouTube series [SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl In Harmony, members I.N, Han, and Seungmin came together to make music, meat, and memories. At the very beginning of the show, STAYs were met with a very exciting surprise – Seungmin playing the guitar!

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Last October, Seungmin mentioned during a video call that he was starting to learn how to play and sometime in the future he would perform for everyone.

The next month, Seungmin made an appearance in Hyunjin‘s livestream carrying a guitar case on his back! This made STAYs even more excited, as it was one of the first times they had seen him with the instrument.

Less than two weeks later, Seungmin did a short acoustic cover of D.O‘s That’s Okay on his own live stream while singing along! STAYs couldn’t believe how fast he was improving.

Then in December during the fourth episode of SKZ-TALKER GO! Season 2, Seungmin tried playing That’s Okay once again. Although he was a little nervous, Changbin encouraged him to keep going and continue playing!

For a long time after that, there weren’t many update videos regarding Seungmin’s progress. However, on July 5, eagle-eyed STAYs noticed that the teaser for the [SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl In Harmony included a shot of Seungmin’s hand strumming a guitar!

Once the entire episode was released, STAYs were overjoyed to see that  the introduction was a 30 second solo clip of Seungmin playing 11:11 by Taeyeon! Not only had his skills gotten even better, but Seungmin’s confidence truly shined through in his performance!

You can watch the whole episode of [SKZ SONG CAMP] Howl In Harmony for yourself here:


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