Lee Chaeyeon Actually Turned Down The Offer To Appear On “Street Woman Fighter” — Here’s Why She Finally Accepted

It was a huge risk!

Since it started airing, Mnet‘s reality show, Street Woman Fighter, has gained popularity worldwide for shining a light on professional dancers.

One of the contestants who has gained attention is former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon. As the only K-Pop idol on the show, Chaeyeon has been the center of many controversies on the show, including evil editing and comments from the other dancers.

K-Pop idol and WANT dancer Lee Chaeyeon | @chaestival/ Instagram

Recently, HOOK’s Aiki revealed that she turned down the show twice, and fans might not have also had a chance to see Chaeyeon on the show!

Chaeyeon recently took part in an interview where she was asked why she chose to appear on the show. Like Aiki, Chaeyeon explained that she was very reluctant to join the show after they actually contacted her to be a contestant.

If I’m being honest, I struggled to find the courage to compete on the show in the beginning. So I thought about it a lot, and I even rejected the offer once.

— Lee Chaeyeon

However, she explained that something changed in her after she turned it down that made her suddenly determined to compete.

But once I thought about it, I began to develop greed to compete on it. I believed that Street Woman Fighter could be a turning point for my life.

— Lee Chaeyeon

Even though Chaeyeon went in with this desire to do well and showcase her talent, it wasn’t always easy. With all the talk of whether she deserved to be part of the show, it meant that she always had a seed of doubt in her mind that impacted her mental health.

I had a lot of regrets. I thought to myself, ‘Am I allowed to be here?‘ all the time. It was such an honor to be able to compete with such talented dancers, but I developed a bit of trauma after competing in so many battles in the first episode. It was especially hard for me because I felt bad for my unnies.

— Lee Chaeyeon

Since appearing on the show, fans have had nothing but praise for Chaeyeon. Despite the hardships, she stayed strong throughout the process and showcased her skills and talent to the world.

In the process, she has also earned respect from professional dancers. Although she and the rest of team WANT were eliminated, Chaeyeong and the team definitely slayed during the show.

Although there used to be a so-called “stigma” against K-Pop idol dancers from professional dancers, these lines seem to have been blurred through the show. Hopefully, with the show’s success, both groups can come together and showcase their talent.

After turning down the offer twice, you can read about why Aiki chose to join the show below.

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