Sung Hoon Says He’d Get a Divorce If He Ever Got Married

“I have no interest in dating or getting married.” – Sung Hoon

Actor Sung Hoon recently returned to the big screen with Are We In Love? but in contrast to the romantic genre, Sung Hoon revealed that he has absolutely no interest in love in his personal life.

In an interview recently held at a cafe, Sung Hoon confessed, “I’m not going to fall in love. It’s too much to handle.

He even surprised everyone on set by revealing why he never wants to get married, and that if he did, he would get divorced.

Marriage is open-ended. To be honest, I don’t have any confidence that I can get married and live happily. If I got married, I’d want to live with that person until I died, but I feel like if I got married right now, I’d get divorced.

– Sung Hoon

But Sung Hoon clarified that his outlook on marriage is neither positive or negative.

I don’t have a positive or negative outlook on marriage. I just tend to be very serious when I think about marriage.

– Sung Hoon

Ahead of this interview, Sung Hoon was involved in dating rumors with the fellow I Live Alone co-star, Park Na Rae.

But regarding the rumors, he strongly denied them and explained his real relationship with his co-star.

No way. Park Na Rae is the first person I got close to on ‘I Live Alone.’ So I try to take good care of her. I guess that’s what led people to believe that we were dating. But it’s not true.

– Sung Hoon

Sung Hoon is starring in the upcoming romance film, Are We In Love? alongside Kim So Eun which is set to premiere later this year.

Source: Dispatch