Sunmi Revealed The Details Of Her Sweet First Interaction With EXID’s Hani

“Hani is such a warm person.”

During an episode of Running Girls, Sunmi and EXIDs Hani revisited a special encounter between each other.

But before revealing the sweet encounter, Sunmi asked Hani what her impression of her was from their first encounter on the show together: “Hee Yeon. What did you…umm…when you met me today was I exactly like you imagined? Or completely different?”

Hani hesitated to answer, making the atmosphere intense.

I how should I put this. I was a little…I feel like I have to be cautious with you. I’m being careful. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable, but because you have more experience than I do, I want to know more. I came across you a lot until now, but we never really got to meet.

— Hani

From there, Sunmi shared her perception of Hani.

If you watched the 2017 Dream Concert, then you might have seen Hani selflessly share her puffy jacket Sunmi. The moment between the two went viral as fans acknowledge Hani for her caring personality as Sunmi was only wearing thin layers in cold weather.

Apparently, that moment was the first encounter between the two idols. Sunmi said to Hani, “We first met at the Dream concert, it was really cold then too.” Hani replied, “yeah I know it was freezing.

Sunmi then went into further detail about what happened that night:

I was wearing this really thin blouse. You covered me with your jacket. I mean we never met before that moment. Never exchanged a single word. It was like…and I’m still grateful for that moment you know. It was cold right?

— Sunmi

Sunmi continued to praise Hani for her caring gesture: “Hani is such a warm person.” Hani giggled and thanked Sunmi for the compliment.

Mnet’s Running Girls has been a successful hit and fans are loving the friendships being formed between the members: EXID‘s HaniSunmiOh My Girl‘s YooALOONA‘s Chuu.

Check out the clip below: