Sunmi’s Bruised Knees Draw Attention From Concerned Fans

Her latest Instagram photos had fans concerned about her condition.

Sunmi recently uploaded a series of pictures to Instagram and, despite her gorgeous outfit, fans were quick to notice her bruised knees.

On March 8, Sunmi advertised luxury fashion brand Balmain’s 2021 F/W show and welcomed fans aboard, as a nod to the show’s concept.

In the pictures, Sunmi can be seen in various flattering poses while rocking a PB monogram dress. The short length of the dress meant that her knees were visible, exposing large bruises.

Fans left comments wondering how much she had practiced, as her latest song, “TAIL,” includes choreography that has Sunmi kneeling and crawling on the hard floor, and may have caused the wounds. Fans also showed signs of concern, and reminded the singer to take care of herself.

This is not the first time that Sunmi’s damaged knees have taken the spotlight. Back in 2019, she even mentioned that her knees are “always bruised” due to the nature of her profession.

“TAIL” is receiving positive attention from fans and, bruises and all, Sunmi’s hard work is evident!