Sunmi and Crush Reveal That They’re Close But Not That Close

They explained their friendship.

Both Sunmi and Crush recently appeared on SBS’s Cultwo Show, where they opened up about their unique friendship.

During the interview, Crush confessed that he’s friends with Sunmi as two celebrities who were born in 1992.

He then expressed his sadness as he added, “So we normally speak to each other in informal speech, but she suddenly raised her formalities with me today, which made me sad.

In response, Sunmi explained, “To be honest, there aren’t that many other celebrities who are the same age as me. Since Crush and I are the same age and our birthdays are just one day apart, we became close.

Sunmi then confessed, “But we don’t know each other’s phone numbers” and made everyone burst into laughter.

Fans who heard this responded with comments such as “So are they close then?“, ” There are friendships like that“, and “They’re close but not that close“.



Source: Dispatch