SBS Fell For Sunmi’s Dancers So Hard They Uploaded Official Fancams Of Their Performances

This is the first time SBS has uploaded dedicated fancams for backup dancers!

Backup dancers don’t always get enough credit for their amazing skills and flawless choreography but after witnessing the amazing performances by Sunmi‘s dancers, SBS decided to do something they’d never done before — upload official focus fancams for the dancers!


On September 5, SBS uploaded a couple of surprise videos from Sunmi’s “LALALAY” Inkigayo performance from September 1. The first video was a focus cam version of Cha Hyunseung‘s “LALALAY” performance and perfectly showed off every single one of his heart-stopping moves.


The second video is from Jang Juhee‘s performance, and like Cha Hyunseung’s, her focus cam brings some serious heat!


Both Cha Hyunseung and Jang Juhee are some of the most famous backup dancers and have earned their own sizable fanbases thanks to their stunning skills and it looks like SBS has officially declared themselves fans now too. Especially since this is the very first time SBS has released a fancam video for backup dancers!


When fans first stumbled upon the fancams they couldn’t have been happier and more excited to see focus cams for the very talented dancers.


And they weren’t the only ones! Sunmi was also very excited to see SBS had uploaded the cams and showed her support by posting about them on Instagram stories!


With the stunning performances earning a whole lot of love from SBS, Sunmi, and everyone else, make sure you check them out for yourself below so you can witness their flawless moves and heart-stopping talent!