Sunmi Reveals The Reason She Chooses To Do Intense Choreography Like “TAIL”

“I’ve never felt this way before while performing on stage.”

If you’ve seen Sunmi perform her latest hit song “Tail,” then you are probably aware of how difficult the choreography is. From dancing on her knees to several intense moves, Sunmi’s choreography proves to be pretty painful. In her recent appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook, Sunmi revealed just how painful dancing to “Tail” is for her.

| @miyayeah/Instagram

During her time on the show, the show’s host Yoo Hee Yeol commented how difficult the choreography seems.

It’s obvious that the dance performance is the heart and would this song it makes you wonder if one can actually dance to it…That’s how exhausted it seems.

— Yoo Hee Yeol

Following his comment, Yoo Hee Yeol asked, “Are you okay performing this?

Sunmi shared that it is in fact difficult to perform “Tail” and stated, “The answer to that would be no.” Sunmi explained exactly how she feels when she performs and it truly does sound difficult.

I’ve never felt this way before while performing on stage. It’s as if my brain is getting knocked side to side. I don’t just let my head bob around. Like this. The head recoils in a way. Many of the moves require my head to abruptly stop. So there’s that.


Sumi continued and shared some specific dance moves that tend to hurt her the most.

So there’s that. Also I have to be on my knees a lot…to seem like an animal. I have to crawl on my knees.


Yoo Hee Yeol mentioned Sunmi’s Instagram post that showed Sunmi’s bruised knees from the choreography.

I saw a photo of you with black and blue knees. It had me worried…I missed the headline and just saw the photos. The bruises on your knees shocked me dearly. I felt terrible.


Sunmi rolled down her boots that covered her bruised knee and showed that she still has the painful marks.

Despite the pain, Sunmi clarified that it’s not just her who deals with hard choreography and that almost every K-pop artist goes through the same thing.

But this is something…that almost all K-Pop singers have to live with.


One would think people would avoid such excruciating dances but Sunmi revealed that the reason for doing such difficult moves is all for her fans. She shared while she could sing a song with great vocals, the fans are more likely to remember eye-catching choreography.

I sing songs to show off the tone of my voice and let them see how charming I can be. But that’s not what the viewers remember. It’s why I decided to give people a performance to remember.


Yoo Hee Yeol pointed out that Sunmi’s ambitious and “Extreme” way of thinking is why fans love her so much!

Check out the video below: