Sunmi Gave Advice To Stressed K-Pop Trainees, And It Has Us Soft AF

She’s so helpful and wholesome!

Sunmi once visited South Korean students who dream of becoming idols, and her sweet interactions with them have us extremely soft!

Sunmi | @miyayeah/Instagram

In “Idol trainee’s kids meet Sunmi” on kizzle‘s YouTube channel, Sunmi surprised K-Pop idol trainees. She greeted the trainees with hugs and even let them speak informally to her!

| kizzle/YouTube

Sunmi even danced some of her “Heroine” choreography with one of the trainees!

| kizzle/YouTube

After getting to know the trainees, Sunmi asked them about their life as a trainee. One of the trainees revealed that she feels extremely pressured and has even cried in the car because she’s so tired.

“I’m feeling a lot of pressure right now. It’s too hard for me. Sometimes I was so tired that I cried in the car.” | kizzle/YouTube

Sunmi sweetly told the girl not to worry about being perfect and told her to make memories with her friends instead of stressing too much about trainee life.

“You’re busy, but you’re gonna have to take a little time. You invest in your friends. You’re 15 years old.” | kizzle/YouTube

One trainee opened up about the pain of living apart from her dad. She lives with her mother and older brother, and her father lives alone. The girl revealed she can’t enjoy trainee life because she doesn’t want her mother to have to work.

“My parents live apart. My mother, me, and my brother. She’s raising us. It’s hard. …I don’t want my mom to work. So I just…I just can’t seem to enjoy it.” | kizzle/YouTube

Sunmi empathized with the girl’s story and revealed that her parents lived separately while she was growing up, too.

“My parents lived apart. I have a dad and two younger brothers. But my house was so, so poor.” | kizzle/YouTube

Sunmi revealed that she put pressure on herself to succeed as soon as possible, so her family could escape poverty. Sunmi told the trainee she was “so upset” that she was facing the same struggles she faced.

“How can I get there quickly, make money quickly. I’ll feed my family. That’s what I’m thinking. But now…you’re thinking the same thing. You’re doing it. I’m so upset about that.” | kizzle/YouTube 

Sunmi gently told the trainee to focus on what she likes and to do her best. She encouraged the girl by telling her the kizzle video they first met in would resurface after she makes her debut as a K-Pop idol.

“Like you like something else, you like you, too. Do your best. When you make your debut as a celebrity, the first time Sunmi and you met, it’s gonna pop up like this.” | kizzle/YouTube

One of the trainees revealed he felt happier after meeting Sunmi, so it looks like Sunmi’s sweet encouragement and advice made a difference!

“I’m happier.” | kizzle/YouTube

Watch Sunmi’s full meeting with the trainees below.