Sunmi Posted A Photo Of Park Jinyoung (J.Y. Park) On Instagram And Lost Hundreds Of Followers After

She was just trying to be supportive!

On December 1, 2019, Sunmi posted a photo of Park Jinyoung (also known as JYP or J.Y. Park) in support of his comeback, “FEVER.”

Though the photo has only been up for a few hours, Sunmi commented on the post to reveal she lost a hundred followers on Instagram a minute after uploading the picture.

She tells fans that she didn’t mean to scare them with a photo of JYP, and asked fans to chill out.

As many knows, Sunmi used to a member of JYP Entertainment girl group Wonder Girls and has known Park Jinyoung since her childhood. Even when she departed from the company, she still maintained her relationship with the CEO. She even appeared on his show “JYP Party People” to promote her first single since leaving the company, “GASHINA.”

It seems she just wanted to show support for her former boss, labelmate, and forever friend. As Sunmi said, chill out! Check out JYP’s latest comeback here.