Sunmi Reveals Which Wonder Girls’ Song Is The Most Memorable To Her

She also discussed how her members are doing.

To promote her latest album 1/6, talented artist Sunmi made a recent appearance on SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’!

After she discussed her album as well as “You Can’t Sit With Us,” Sunmi talked about her time in the legendary girl group Wonder Girls as well as its members.

When asked about which song from Wonder Girls is the most memorable one to her, Sunmi revealed that their hit “Nobody” is her favorite, “‘Nobody’s’ is my favorite.

Sunmi went on and shared that each of the members, including herself, are doing great and have thriving careers!

Yeeun is doing well in music, and Yubin is the CEO of rrr Entertainment. Hyerim is living a happy married life, Sohee is working hard on her work. Sunye unnie has become a mother of three children.

— Sunmi