Sunmi Shuts Down Men Shooting Their Shots By Taking This Extreme Measure

She doesn’t want them.

In the latest episode of Radio Star, Sunmi revealed some of the most extreme measures she takes to turn down men who approach her with interest – as well as why she isn’t open to such interests.


Sunmi admitted that she receives a lot of attention from the men around her. While it is inevitable with her gorgeousness, Sunmi doesn’t necessarily want all of them shooting their shots.

I’d have people around me ask me if it would be okay for them to give out my number. I say no, which I consider a done deal in my turning the interest down. But they will keep asking other people around me.

— Sunmi


In the case such interest persists, Sunmi simply changes her phone number and cuts off even the slightest possibility for them to reach her. In addition, she tells the guy blatant lies to hint that she is simply not interested!

If it keeps going, I just say I have someone I’m going to marry!

— Sunmi


Sunmi also mentioned, with the rise of social media platforms, that men have tried to “slide in her DMs”. Just like phone calls though, Sunmi said she shuts these down before they can even have an impact on her.

I actually turn them down by not responding to any of those DMs. But there are guys who send messages regularly… which can get creepy and scary. In that case, I just block them and change my number again.

— Sunmi


When the show hosts wondered why Sunmi takes such extreme measures to cut off all love interests, she pointed out that she’s a go-getter. Thus, it is not that she isn’t interested in dating at all – but simply that she wants to be the one to make the call on whom she approaches!

If I like someone, I will tell that person. I will make all the moves first, so… And I’m a serious dater. I take things long term. So I don’t find too much interest in these easy-come-easy-go men.

— Sunmi


Watch Sunmi talk about her dating rules here: