Sunmi Sports Unique Make-Up On Her Way To “M Countdown”

People either love it or hate it.

Sunmi is currently promoting her latest comeback “LALALY”, and she was seen on her way to M Countdown today sporting some unique make-up and hair.

The idol sported blonde braids and bold eyeshadow look that consisted of pink and green shadow. To pull the look together, she wore a bright floral mini dress.

Many praised the idol for her look, saying only someone like Sunmi can pull of the look. Since Sunmi’s concept is more unique and outgoing compared to most soloist, people applaud her ability to pull of the look.

Others questioned Sunmi and her fashion choices, saying that though they are used to such fashion from the West, it doesn’t seem to suit the idol. People comment that her look is hard to digest, with some nothing that Sunmi herself that sometimes she finds it hard to digest.

Whether people like her unique concept or not, no one can deny that Sunmi is currently slaying the game!

Source: Naver