Sunmi Asks Fans For Their Opinion On Her Hair, Jokes About Going Bald

Dark, blonde, or bald? What do you think? 🤔

In a post to her Instagram account, Sunmi asked fans whether they preferred her with blonde or dark hair while providing different reference points for them to view.

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어두운 거 밝은 거 🤔 dark or blonde?

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If you don’t care for either look, she also asked if fans would prefer to see her bald. 😂

Sunmi with dark hair has an enigmatic vibe, like a vampire princess. A true girl crush who might crush your heart, Sunmi is a stunning raven-haired queen with her natural hair color.

On the flip side, Sunmi with blonde hair defeats the “dumb blonde” stereotype with her sharp, cool look. A chic golden-haired goddess, Sunmi looks amazing as a blonde as well!

Unfortunately, (or perhaps, fortunately?) we haven’t seen Sunmi bald, but there’s an excellent chance she’d make that a total look too.

Whether you preferred Sunmi with light or dark hair, she shared with fans that her time as a blonde has come to a close! Fans of her natural, dark-haired look were happy to hear that she was going back to her roots and letting her hair rest and recover from any chemical treatments it had to undergo to reach a lighter shade.

Even though her blonde era is over, Sunmi did ask whether fans liked her dark or blonde hair more, so what do you think? Do you have a favorite hair color for Sunmi? Do you want to see her bald? Or, do you think she’d look good no matter what?