Sunmi’s Handsome Younger Brothers React To Her Concept Photos From Her Wonder Girls Days And Their Faces Are Priceless

Only real brothers can be this savage.

Although Sunmi is a shining soloist now, she was once a part of the Wonder Girls under JYP Entertainment. During her debut days with The Wonder Years album, the girls went for a retro 70s concept that may have been less easy on the eyes even as it placed them on the map. On an episode of Live Corp, the team decided to review her concepts over the years, with the help of her younger brothers, Lee Dong and Lee Seung Dong.

This photo was taken a whopping 13 years ago, as part of the Wonder Girls’ concept shots. The retro stripes and goofy hair is quite a shocker.

Sunmi explained that the concept was “70s girls that were popular”, hence the throwback fashion.

Her brothers were left speechless at the sight. Her brother, Lee Dong, even commented that while he didn’t know if it looked good or not, it certainly was impactful.

They weren’t wrong! “Tell Me” was one of the Wonder Girls’ most popular songs, and it gave rise to Sohee‘s iconic omona line. The song is also recreated by junior idol groups, even up til today. Sunmi’s clenched teeth at their comments was pretty hilarious as well.

The MCs decided to show a group shot this time.

This time, the boys had more to say. Fearless maknae, Seung Dong, even said that she looked like Defconn!

For those who don’t know, Defconn is better known as one of the hosts of Idol Room as well as Weekly Idol in the past. He’s known for his iconic hairstyle that stands up quite vertically.

Defconn is on the left.

Her other brother, Lee Dong, said that it reminded him of a pineapple that has just been plucked ripe.

Of course, Sunmi took their comments like a champ and just smiled resignedly.

To make up for it, the MCs moved on to her more current concepts, such as in “Gashina”, which was pretty epic, if you guys remember. The song and dance made headlines frequently and all the idols were covering it. Sunmi also was known then for her ability to change expressions in a split second.

While some of her earlier concepts may have been hard to digest, Sunmi says that for her solo works in recent years, she has been working on them herself, along with her team, such that she has more autonomy and input in the styling and concepts. The episode also featured her researching for her next album concept. Check out the full clip subbed in English below.