Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Reveals How Fist Fights Brought The Members Closer

“We only hit once each.”

Since Super Junior debuted all the way back in 2005, they’ve earned more than enough experience on how to deal with issues that arise from being in a group—especially since they were once thirteen members.

One of those issues was how to resolve arguments, which Eunhyuk hilariously revealed involved some fists.

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During TXT‘s episode of Weekly Idol, the hosts asked them how they solve arguments. Beomgyu and Soobin were both on the same page. They respectively said, “We just drop it,” and, “We end it on the spot.

MC Eunhyuk then hilariously took it in a violent direction. Holding a fist up, he asked, “Do you exchange a hit?” MC Kwanghee swiftly stepped in.

Kwanghee grabbed Eunhyuk’s hand and kindly said, “Hyung, let’s not go into that.” That didn’t stop Eunhyuk, though.

He revealed that it was a simple way for Super Junior to wrap up their problems quickly: “We handled it neatly that way.

Even though Eunhyuk told of the benefits of a little fist fighting, “It was neat once and for all,” Kwanghee wasn’t having it.

As of watching bickering brothers, Kwanghee tried to stop Eunhyuk the best he could. “That wasn’t neat. Stop it!

Eunhyuk then revealed Super Junior didn’t have full-on fist fights. All it took was one punch to wrap it up swiftly and solve the issue, “We only hit once each.

Oftentimes, violence is not the best solution. If a punch can end an issue and erase all bad feelings for the Super Junior members, it’s not a bad trade-off.

With the time they’ve saved from not holding grudges and arguing, they’ve used that time to instead grow closer.

After all, you know they’re a true family if they have a harmless fight now and then. Check out Eunhyuk spilling the tea and Kwanghee hilariously trying to stop him here.

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