Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Asks Lee Soo Man An Absurd Question In The Middle Of His New Year Greeting

What in the world? 😂

Super Junior member Kyuhyun is cracking up viewers because of a random question he asked his label’s founder.


On the January 8th episode of Things That Make Me Groove, rapper DinDin made a special guest appearance and to no one’s surprise, the duo of DinDin and Kyuhyun brought a lot of laughter. To celebrate the New Years, they talked about what they were grateful for. While dressed in hanboks, the two stars started to call loved ones to relay their gratitude on the phone. One of the people Kyuhyun called was the one and only founder of SM EntertainmentLee Soo Man.

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He starts off the phone conversation by saying,

I’m not good at giving a call to people in power. I don’t want to put you in an uncomfortable position. I’m calling the person I’m most grateful towards for the year.

— Kyuhyun to Lee Soo Man

Capture of “Things That Make Me Groove” | tvN

It was the randomness that followed suit, however, that got viewers rolling on the floor in laughter. During the touching phone call, Kyuhyun decides to randomly ask Lee Soo Man,

I’m so sorry to ask this type of question but do you by chance know of a person named DinDin?

— Kyunhyun to Lee Soo Man

Capture of “Things That Make Me Groove” | tvN

To this question, Lee Soo Man politely answers,

No I don’t think so…do you mean the rapper?

— Lee Soo Man


As soon as he was acknowledged by SM’s founder, DinDin perked up and responded,

Thank you for 2020. I hope you have a good day.

— DinDin to Lee Soo Man

Capture from “Things That Make Me Groove” | tvN

What a strange, but hilarious interaction! The combination between Kyuhyun and DinDin is always a recipe for laughter.

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