Kyuhyun Explained Why Fans Don’t Need To Send Him Gifts And It Will Make You Love Him Even More

Just one more reason to love Kyuhyun with your whole heart!

While there are already millions of reasons to love Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun, he decided to add one more reason to do so as he explained his thoughts about fan gifts.

Image: @gyuram88/Instagram

Talking to fans through his KyuTV channel, Kyuhyun touched on this particular topic and mentioned some of the fan gifts and letters he had received during his performances of The Man Who Laughs.

Starting by revealing the two big things he noticed about the gifts and letters he received from both fans abroad and from Korea. The first thing Kyuhyun noticed about his letters was that a lot of international fans will write letters in Korean, and to him, that simple act is extremely touching.

There are a lot of overseas fans who have loved me for a long time. What I am touched by is… Perhaps they studied Korean but when they write in Korean their handwriting is even better than mine! They wrote their letters word by word and gave them to me. It touched my heart a lot.

— Kyuhyun

The second thing he noticed about the letters was the age of his fans in Korea. Kyuhyun explained that a number of the letters he had received were from teenagers.

Recently, I noticed something interesting about local fans. About half the fans letters I get from Korean fans — I’m really not lying, perhaps at most I’m lying at 10%  — half of the letters are from teenagers.

— Kyuhyun

Knowing he has fans of every age, however, Kyuhyun went on to explain that he really doesn’t need anyone to send him gifts. In fact, Kyuhyun even admitted that reading some of the letters made him feel incredibly sad.

You guys really don’t need to give me gifts because I’m earning good money everyone. I’m thankful for everyone coming to watch my performances and for those who love me but when I read your letters I feel so sad.

— Kyuhyun

To him, reading about how fans used the money they earned through their hard work to buy him a gift hurt him a lot. Instead, Kyuhyun told fans he would much rather that they buy something nice for themselves.

When I read your letters I feel sad. I’ll read, ‘Oppa, even though this isn’t much please accept it.’ Do you know how much I was hurt by this? You guys are giving me a gift with the money you earned from your hard work, right? I’m so sorry. Just use it to buy delicious food, some nice makeup, or use it to take a taxi and travel.

— Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun further clarified that while he is always thankful for receiving gifts, receiving one or not won’t change how he feels about his fans.

I hope you guys would use (their paychecks) for something like that but you used it to buy gifts for me instead. Just give me letters. Whatever you give me… It’s not that I would be more thankful to the fans that gave me very expensive things. Of course, I am thankful for that too but I won’t treat you differently because of that.

— Kyuhyun

For Kyuhyun, the best gift of all is simply receiving fans’ love and encouragement!

Just treating me with your heart is enough! I am very grateful to those who came to watch my performances, to those who came to cheer me on and gave me applause. So I’m saying you don’t have to do things like saving your pocket money to buy gifts. I don’t need that! For me, these letters and your heart…

— Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun definitely has the biggest heart and gift or no gift he’s always ready to give fans his love! Hear more of Kyuhyun’s sweet gift explanation below:

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