Super Junior’s Leeteuk Thanks J-Hope And His Family For Sending Birthday Gifts

J-Hope’s family made Leeteuk’s day extra special.

True to his name, BTS‘s J-Hope spreads hope and happiness to everyone around him, and so does his family!

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On July 1, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk celebrated his 37th birthday.

His friends, family, and fans made the occasion extra special by giving him a custom cake, flowers, and presents.

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One of these gifts came from J-Hope and his family, who happen to be Leeteuk’s neighbors. In the caption, he wrote, “Hoseok-ah~~! Hoseok’s mother~~!! Thank you!” 

Leeteuk’s friendship with J-Hope’s family began in 2019, when he ran into J-Hope’s dad at the neighborhood sauna.

He was like, ‘Aren’t you Leeteuk?’ So I told him yes and said hello. He then told me that his son is a celebrity too! He introduced himself as J-Hope’s father.

— Leeteuk

After befriending J-Hope’s dad, Leeteuk was introduced to the rest of J-Hope’s family members, and they’ve stayed in touch ever since. J-Hope’s mom has sent Leeteuk kimchi, and Leeteuk and J-Hope have given each other signed CDs as gifts.

I greeted [J-Hope’s mom], and she said, ‘Oh my, I was on my way to see you!’ She was on her way to give me the signed CD! She handed me the CD but she also took out another thing wrapped in paper, saying ‘And this is something that I wanted to give you.’

It was the thing that you stick on your face mask after you take it off. She’s always taking care of me, so I messaged her that I’ll gift her a signed copy of my cookbook.

— Leeteuk

ARMYs and ELFs are loving this friendship and hope it continues to grow!

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