Super Junior’s Shindong Confuses Fans With “Strangely Filtered” Selfies

Netizens are divided.

A friend of Super Junior‘s Shindong recently shared a video of themselves at a restaurant on his Instagram Live, but the filter he used is dividing fans’ opinions.

In the video, Shindong used various angles and made various facial expressions to make the post interesting.

But it was the filter he chose that drew overwhelming attention.

Shindong’s friend topped off his post with a filter of a woman twerking in the corner of the frame.

But another woman could be seen twerking right on his nose.

In accordance with the woman’s twerking, Shindong moved his nose to the rhythm as well.

Shindong and his friend seemed to be enjoying the filter, and they even captioned the post, “Master of lip-syncing.

Regarding the post, fans are showing divided opinions with some saying, “He’s just using a filter of a dance” and “What’s the big deal?” while others are criticizing Shindong’s post for “being strange” and “embarrassing”.

What are your thoughts?

Source: Dispatch

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