Siwon And Heechul Revealed That A Woman Once Dated Two Members Of Super Junior—And She’s An Entertainer Too

She two-timed them!

Super Junior has been a presence in the entertainment industry for practically forever, so it’s natural that they’d have their fair share of stories.

Source: TV Report

During an appearance on tvN‘s Life Bar, Heechul and Siwon revealed a shocking story about the group without going into too much detail.

Source: tvN D Ent/YouTube

Of course, it was mostly Siwon who was eager to spill the beans while poor Heechul was more reluctant to share, being the gentleman he is.

Source: tvN D Ent/YouTube

After making it clear that he and Siwon have never liked the same girl…

Heechul used the two of them as stand-ins for the two members that were two-timed by the woman.

Source: tvN D Ent/YouTube

The woman dated two members of Super Junior, despite knowing that they were in a group together! She willfully two-timed them!

Source: tvN D Ent/YouTube

When asked whether she was also an entertainer, they were hesitant to answer but eventually shared that they hadn’t seen her do anything in awhile. They also didn’t reveal which members were cheated on, but the implication was that by using the process of elimination it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out.

Source: tvN D Ent/YouTube

Watch the whole exchange below:

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