Baekhyun Wanted To Do Some Body Rolls At SuperM’s Concert But His Back Said “Nope”

Unfortunately for him (and all of us) his back put an end to his sexy dancing:

As if all of SuperM‘s performances aren’t already hot enough, Baekhyun was talked into adding some more fuel to the sexy fire during the San Jose stop of their SuperM: We Are the Future Live tour. Unfortunately for Baekhyun, his back straight up said “nope!”

While talking to fans during one part of their concert, Mark simply couldn’t resist asking fans if they really like Baekhyun’s rolling part in “UN Village”. Of course, as soon as he asked the question, fans cheered their approval leaving Baekhyun with one choice and one choice only — to give fans some of that body roll action!

As Baekhyun started his body rolls, every one of his moves was absolute heart-stopping perfection.

As Baekhyun continued demonstrating all that rolling, things were going really smoothly. That was…until Baekhyun decided to add just a little bit more sexiness to his dance by adding Taeyong‘s moves from “No Manners” to his mini-dance session. You know, the floor grinding part that steals your breath every time?

Yeah…that one!

Unfortunately for Baekhyun, however, things didn’t go quite how he planned. With one single dip to the floor, Baekhyun’s back noped itself straight out of that particular dance move!

While Baekhyun’s back may not have let him unleash his full-floor grinding sexiness, fans have been going wild for it nonetheless!

It’s no surprise why either!