SuperM’s Lucas Had To Choose Between EXO’s Kai And Baekhyun And Here’s How It Went Down

Who would you choose?

SuperM‘s Lucas has always been a huge fanboy of his groupmate, Baekhyun, from EXO. He always seems to be smiling whenever Baekhyun is around!

| SuperM/YouTube

It looks like the love is mutual – even when they’re waiting in line, Baekhyun is always popping up to cling onto his taller dongsaeng.

However, Lucas’ love for Baekhyun was further confirmed during a videocall fansign, when a fan asked Lucas who he would save first if both Baekhyun and Kai fell into the water. Now, Lucas is also known to be a huge Kai stan, so who would he choose? After deliberating for awhile, he chose his Baekhyun hyung.

The reasoning? Lucas felt that “Kai hyung looks bigger and he looks like he is able to get himself out of a problem. But Baekhyun hyung is small and cute.

Well don’t let Kai hear that one! For more of SuperM’s hilarious antics, check out their “Midterm Exam” series below.