SuperM’s Lucas Was Scared Of Taemin When They First Met

He had an understandable reason why.

Debuting in SuperM together has helped Lucas and Taemin‘s friendship come a long way since their first meeting. By taking a Friendship Test with Glamour, everyone was able to find out just how much closer they’ve become.

When asked about the first time they met, Lucas had to do a little thinking, remembering exactly how he’d felt at the time. While holding his throat and looking into the distance, he recalled it: “At first, I thought Taemin was a bit scary.” Lucas had a valid reason for it, though.

It wasn’t Taemin’s physical appearance that he’d been afraid of. It was more about what he wouldn’t do. Lucas revealed, “He never spoke.” Facing someone who remains silent, especially during a first meeting, can give that scary impression to anyone. In the end, that perception of Taemin changed.

As their friendship progressed and they became closer, Lucas was finally able to see Taemin open up and show his real personality. Smiling, he said, “I realized what a bright person Taemin was.”

To make their friendship even more adorable, Taemin’s personality became the one that Lucas loved.

Just like Baekhyun had been deceived by his first impression of Taeyong, Lucas hadn’t been able to see the person Taemin actually was until they grew closer.

See Lucas talk about how Taemin went from being scary to having a personality that he adored.